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The Federative Republic of Brazil

Brazil is world famous for its colourful carnivals, waterfalls and rich nature. It is a country with the aroma of coffee and the temperament of capoeira. This South American state is the only Portuguese-speaking country in America. Brazil is among the five largest countries. World’s producer of precious stones, home to golden beaches and mysterious jungle, and the birthplace of the traditional cuisine – that is all about unknown Brazil.


Brazil is a homeland of the Indians. The former colony of Portugal has come a long way from slavery to independence. The country went through the gold rush that brought it to the high level of economic development. The passed Golden Law emancipated the country from slavery. Brazil has learned to keep up with the times and took her golden spot on the world map, thus becoming one of the leaders of the world jewellery industry and one of the most developed states.


You won’t find the country with more records than Brazil probably anywhere else. One of the largest countries in terms of population and size, the birthplace of peanuts, capoeira and gold – Brazil – has got a prominent place in the world history. The Amazon forest produces more oxygen than any other, the quarter of the world's pharmaceuticals are derived from ingredients of the Amazon rainforest, and the largest river in the world – the Amazon River – holds 20% of the Earth's fresh water. Iguazu Falls set a record for the number of streams. The number of these small waterfalls may be up to 300 depending on the river’s level. Guanabara Bay is the largest one in terms of water volume. Pantanal Conservation Area protects more than one thousand species of colourful butterflies and the same number of birds’ species. Brazil is the main producer of precious stones; the best varieties of coffee are grown exactly there. In sports, the state has its own particular advantage: Brazil sets an absolute record for the biggest number of stadiums, thus every city has its own sports arena. Sambadrome, an exhibition place for samba schools and parades, can be seen in almost every corner of the country. The samba is the Brazil's main dance that can be seen during all country’s carnivals and festivals.


Travelling to Brazil won’t be complete without exploring its natural wonders. Each town is unique. The municipality of Angra dos Reis with hundreds of islands washed by the turquoise-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean will impress you. The Arched Palace with hanging gardens in Brasilia, a country’s capital, and two-hundred-year-old Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro offer you to discover unusual flora of Brazil. The city of Manaus has gained its fame due to the Meeting of two Waters – the Negro-Solimões confluence. Water of the Rio Negro River is black, because it is rich in natural minerals. The Solimões River is milky coloured. Differences in the rivers’ temperature and velocity don’t let these two rivers to mix for several kilometres. What an unusual sight!


The architecture of Brazil completes the country’s natural beauty. Amazing houses decorated with blue pottery in Manaus, impressive skyscrapers of São Paulo and impressive fortified fort in Fortaleza – that is all about colourful Brazil. The capital is home to the Building of the National Council, an exact copy of the Ramses II Temple. In Brasilia, you can see the world-famous Cathedral designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Rio de Janeiro has gained its fame thanks to Christ the Redeemer, a statue located on Corcovado Mountain at an altitude of 710 meters.


Brazil is well known for its white-snow beaches and emerald waters of the Atlantic. Your dreams of a paradise will come true thanks to the picturesque dunes of Fortaleza and amazing coral reefs of Recife. You are well advised to use services of boats, ships, and yachts – the voyage along the coast will show you all the beauty and advantages of the country.


No one can imagine Brazil without carnivals. The Brazilians have fun as any other nations do. Folk festivals in Belém, Manaus and Sao Luis; theatrical battle performances, the Day of the Indians and festivals of ritual dances in Recife; "medieval" festivities of students in Ouro Preto are just a few of numerous colourful festivals in Brazil. World famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is number one in the list of Brazilian carnivals. For a few days, Brazil dives into the ocean of samba rhythms, stirring tunes and fancy carnival costumes decorated with colourful feathers.


The Brazilian cuisine will complete your impressions about the country. Black beans, rice, cassava flavoured with hot sauce and cooked with meat or fish according to special recipes form the basis of the country's cuisine. Distinctive local soups with an abundance of exotic spices give them an exotic taste. Brazilian beverages are famous as well: a variety of fruit cocktails, coconut milk, heady wine, moonshine from local cane, and beer considered to be the most delicious on the continent. And the last but not least, is Brazilian aromatic coffee. This wonderful Brazilian beverage is well known in every corner of the world.


Brazil is a country-record holder, a developed state and a nature reserve at the same time. It is home to the most colourful carnivals.  The American, African and Native American cultures have merged here. Rich in traditions Brazil impresses and attracts hundreds of tourists.

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